UPDATE Taco Mundo and the measures against the Corona virus

March 17, 2020. All Taco Mundo stores are open for delivery and also for takeaway. Taco Mundo can therefore provide everyone with fresh Mexican meals. A number of our stores, see the opening hours on our website or app, are now even open from noon, so Taco Mundo can also deliver a nice Mexican lunch to those places.

People who cannot or should not leave their home do not have to worry: Taco Mundo can be ordered for home delivery. Takeaway is also possible. It is still forbidden to eat our dishes in the store itself.

The safety and health of our customers and staff always remains paramount! This means that we do not accept cash and any physical contact between employees and customers is avoided. That is why our delivery staff put the bag with the order on top of the delivery bag in front of the customer's door and then ring the doorbell. As a customer, all you have to do is open the door and grab the bag yourself!

Taco Mundo also strictly follows the measures recommended by RIVM when preparing the dishes. All this of course on top of the strict hygiene standards that Taco Mundo has always used.

The delivery of your order can sometimes take a little longer than you are used to because of the extra attention and extra demand. We apologize in advance for that: our employees always try their best to serve all customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.