Good nutrition and education is the foundation for every growing child. Taco Mundo wants to contribute to this. That is why we support the Casa San Salvador project through the World Parents Foundation (Stichting Wereldouders) and the organization NPH Mexico.

About 743 children whom are considered homeless live, play and study in Casa San Salvador. These children should have access to healthy, as well as nutritious food. They are brought up in this home. In order to be as self-sufficient as possible, there are all kinds of facilities available on the grounds of Casa San Salvador. There is an orchard where many types of fruit grow and there are fields where different crops are grown. Corn, the main ingredient in tortillas, is the main crop. There is a breeding pond for fish and they even keep pigs. Recently, a new vegetable garden was taken into use.

This family home, which is actually more of a small community by size, is supported by Taco Mundo with an annual donation. Our customers also contribute to this, seeing that everyone can easily donate as little as € 1 when completing their order. The donations are allocated to the acquisition of equipment to expedite the production of corn and tortillas. For example, Taco Mundo and its customers contributed to the purchase of a tortilla machine and land on which corn is grown. Taco Mundo also regularly sends school supplies. Would you also like to contribute to our project in Casa San Salvador? You can do this by making a donation with your order. Two children can eat tortillas for a week for just € 1!

Do you want to contribute?

Helping is very straightforward, you can add a donation when completing your order. You can find more information about this great cause on