About Taco Mundo

Delicious Mexican food

Taco Mundo is the first and only nationwide delivery provider of Mexican dishes. We have given a surprising twist to the traditional Mexican cuisine. Our team collaborates with top chef Don Gustavo to continuously develop our menu and implement the latest culinary trends.

Unique menu

We are proud of our varied menu. From delicious Burritos to Nachos a la Mexicana that you can dip in one of our eight Homemade Salsas. You will fall in love with the Mexican cuisine. In case you are indecisive, we have narrowed down a couple of delicious options for you in the form of our Mundo Menus. You will definitely come across your favorite dishes in one of our five Mundo Menus

Our mission

Taco Mundo has the desire to provide everybody in the Netherlands with great Mexican food and a good feeling. Taco Mundo is growing rapidly, therefore we are able to make more and more people happy with our delicious Mexican dishes. All of our dishes are prepared with love and delivered with a smile.

Our core values

Taco Mundo is surprising , reliable , colorful and accessible .
Mexican cuisine is booming in the Netherlands, hence our intention to amaze people with our authentic, colorful dishes. We are reliable because Taco Mundo considers quality of crucial importance. We work with the best suppliers to ensure that our ingredients are fresh and are of the highest quality. And finally, we are also accessible, seeing that we offer really good food at an affordable price.

Geniet samen van heerlijk Mexicaans


De lekkerste Mexicaanse gerechten

Our start

Founder Tom Filippini lived in several South American countries before introducing the Mexican cuisine in the Netherlands in 2000. His passion for Mexican cuisine arose in Mexico with its diverse, colorful and tasty dishes. This eventually became the DNA of the Taco Mundo formula. The first Taco Mundo store was opened in Amsterdam in 2000. Four Taco Mundo stores soon followed. Afterwards, the expansion of Taco Mundo accelerates rapidly. Since 2006 Taco Mundo Has been a national formula with 28 stores across the Netherlands. Taco Mundo is far from finished, seeing that there are currently several new stores on the verge of opening.

20 years Taco Mundo

Many cannot imagine this, however Taco Mundo is celebrating it's 20th anniversary in 2021. A lot has changed in the past 20 years, yet one thing, our mission, remained the same and that is "providing everybody in the Netherlands with delicious Mexican food and a great feeling".
We cannot let our 20th anniversary go by without celebrating. To kick off our year full of celebrations, we have re-introduced our beloved Poncho Potato. This is a A baked potato generously topped with chives flavoured cream cheese, seasoned minced beef, Salsa Mexicana, corn, red onion rings, jalapeños, cheese and coriander.


Plastic? No thanks!

For many years you were able to add a set of cutlery to you order. Unfortunately this set was made out of plastic and as an organisation we see it as our responsibility to reduce the use of single-use plastics. For that reason, we have chosen to develop sustainable cutlery. Our net cutlery is made from wood and the wrapper is made out of paper. Our new cutlery is produced with the use of wood and paper from FSC-monitored forests. Even though cutlery is just a smal factor in our business, it is a step in the right direction.

As displayed in our logo "Mexican Delivery", Taco Mundo focuses on delivery. In 99% of the cases we deliver to people's homes, so chances are that you will be using your own cutlery. This is something that we highly encourage! In case you do not have cutlery at your disposal, you can order a set for just € 0,25 apiece.

Elektrisch rijden

Not only our packaging and cutlery have become a lot more sustainable over the years. We have also made great strides in making our vehicles more sustainable.

For example, in all cities we try to deliver orders with E-bikes and electric scooters as much as possible. Currently, approximately 75% of our stores only use electric vehicles for delivery. We strive to only deliver with electric vehicles in the near future.

Despite the fact that all our packaging is recyclable, we are busy introducing alternatives to packaging that still contains plastic. In this way we try to increase our contribution to a more sustainable world step by step.


Taco Mundo supports children's home in Mexico!

Our contribution

Good nutrition and education is the foundation for every growing child. Taco Mundo wants to contribute to this. That is why we support the Casa San Salvador project through the World Parents Foundation (Stichting Wereldouders) and the organization NPH Mexico.

Casa San Salvador

About 743 children whom are considered homeless live, play and study in Casa San Salvador. These children should have access to healthy, as well as nutritious food. They are brought up in this home. In order to be as self-sufficient as possible, there are all kinds of facilities available on the grounds of Casa San Salvador. There is an orchard where many types of fruit grow and there are fields where different crops are grown. Corn, the main ingredient in tortillas, is the main crop. There is a breeding pond for fish and they even keep pigs. Recently, a new vegetable garden was taken into use.

Annual donation

This family home, which is actually more of a small community by size, is supported by Taco Mundo with an annual donation. Our customers also contribute to this, seeing that everyone can easily donate as little as € 1 when completing their order. The donations are allocated to the acquisition of equipment to expedite the production of corn and tortillas. For example, Taco Mundo and its customers contributed to the purchase of a tortilla machine and land on which corn is grown. Taco Mundo also regularly sends school supplies. Would you also like to contribute to our project in Casa San Salvador? You can do this by making a donation with your order. Two children can eat tortillas for a week for just € 1!